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What is refinancing?

A new loan, which gathers all your loans in one, in order to obtain a lower interest rate and implicitly lower installments.

Types of loans that can be refinanced:

  • Credit Card and Overdraft
  • Personal loan
  • Personal loan with mortgage
  • Real estate / mortgage loan


  • You get lower interest rates (eg: the interest rate difference between a “new” loan and a refinancing can be between 0.5% -1.5%)
  • You get lower costs (low or zero commissions)

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Offer presentation:

  • You: come to us, give us details about the desired loan, your income, other rates
  • We: make calculations, we present you the most advantageous loaning solutions suitable for you, we answer all your questions related to offers. Ready! You have chosen and we are moving on.
  • The file: together we prepare the necessary documents for your file; we provide you a list of the documents needed from the employer, we fill in the bank forms together and we give you an estimate of the time required for each stage of the file.

Financial analysis of the file:

  • We: send the file for analysis, we support your file so that you receive quick approval, without adjustments; it is important to know that: we inform you as soon as campaigns with more advantageous costs appear at the partner banks
  • The bank: approves your credit file or not

Signing the contract:

  • We: we inform you that your loan has been approved and together with you and the bank, we schedule a date and hour to sign the loan agreement
  • You: allocate time for signing the contract with the bank, on the set date and time

Transferring the money into the account and taking possession:

  • The bank: after signing the loan agreement, the money is sent to close your old loans, and after that you can receive the extra amount of money
  • We: we offer you all the support so that the signing can be done quickly and easily
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